AD2 lab bianco

A global contractor in support of the executive development of the project, providing technical support from feasibility study to delivery. An alternation of technicians involved in the renovation and restyling process.



Management of all site phases, from plant engineering to the definition of finishes, including the supply of furniture.  The team of professionals guarantees valuable support for design choices.


Project development from concept to complete fit-out. The value of the definition of details is taken care in the design of the furniture, custom-designed by the design team and made by experienced craftsmen.

Real estate investment

A 360-degree vision on real estate interventions and initiatives, able to follow the entire process of the order, from design to implementation and sale. From the individual apartment to the entire property, an inclusive experience is offered in the customization of environments and in the realization of solutions with attention to every detail.

Maintenance services for apartment buildings

Assistance for the maintenance of your apartment building, from restoration of finishes to re-roofing.

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